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Prayers and Declarations That Open the Courts of Heaven

Image by Mikołaj

Prayers and Declarations That Open the Courts of Heaven

Image by Henry Be

Bring your Prayers into Heaven’s Courtroom!

God is willing and able to answer our prayers, but the legal battles that take place in Heaven’s Courtrooms often delay our requests from coming to pass.  

Based on Robert Henderson’s popular teaching on the Courts of Heaven, this practical prayer guide will arm you with powerful prayers and declarations that bring you into the courts of Heaven.

This easy-to-use book will help you enter into Heaven’s Courts to present your cases.

Want to open heaven's doors? Arm yourself with powerful prayers and declarations! Helping you present your case before the Lord, Henderson's guide will teach you to formulate petitions that will miraculously reverse adverse circumstances, break bloodline curses and generational iniquities, overcome hindrances to healing, and declare supernatural turnarounds. 198 pages, hardcover from Destiny Image.

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