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Testimony of Michelle Temple

January 28, 2022

In the last four years, I've come through the darkest night of my soul, where I've lost just about everyone and everything. Last summer, a friend introduced me to Robert's Courts of Heaven teachings. Things began changing as I applied the principles, and previously immovable roadblocks in my life began to give way. In September, I casually looked at Robert's website and saw the North Carolina Mantles Conference information and knew I had to go. The Lord immediately reminded me of the prophetic word I'd received almost fourteen years ago, of a day when I'd receive a triple portion of Elisha's mantle. Since the North Carolina conference, my thyroid medication has been reduced from an extremely high dose of 150 mg, whereas an average dose is 12.5 mg.

The North Carolina conference was life-changing, and from the moment I stepped into the room during the prayer time before the start of each day's meeting, unexplainable tears flowed like a river. Later, I understood that my tears were in response to His weighty presence that filled the room. When Lynn Alderson was teaching on the Justice Mantle, I had an encounter with the Lord and almost tangibly experienced walking beside her as she described waking by Justice Scalia lying in repose.

During the two months before the conference, I'd felt a stirring that God was going to move me to a new job. When I asked Him if I should start sending out resumes, He said that a friend would tell me of an opening at her office and that they'd hire me. Three weeks after the conference, the Saturday following Thanksgiving, I was sitting on a friend's couch as she told me about having to fill in for a gal at her office who'd been out for six weeks for health reasons. She'd just found out Tuesday that the gal would not be returning. Immediately, I knew I should apply for the front desk client relations position.

I interviewed a week later, and they said that I was overqualified for the client relations position. My background is in Elementary Education, and for the last six months, I've been working as a front desk associate at a local hotel. Then they said that they were expanding the practice and wanted to hire and train me as a paralegal in the law firm, I believe, primarily advocating for women. They more than doubled my salary, offered me full benefits, and paid time off. As this unfolded, the justice mantle began to make sense.

For me, the Waco Mantles conference was the convergence and fulfillment of 22 years of prophetic words, scriptures, songs, promises, and healing from the Lord. I knew that God would have to completely heal me in Waco to have the stamina for my new job because my start date was a week after the conference. Dennis Goldsworthy Davis spoke of how so many had accepted the ministry of Leah when they wanted the ministry of Rachel, and because of our faithfulness, Rachel had her tent opened to us to receive what is beautiful to us and what we long for; that we will never forget Leah, but Rachel shall be that gift that He gives to us. At that moment, the pain of 25 years of the trauma of being loathed and despised in an intimate relationship was released and healed in the depths of my being.

In the next session, as the oil of joy was flowing, Denis said our laughter sounded like a flock of geese, and in a vision, he saw us begin to fly and rise up. As God was causing us to fly, we were catching the winds of the Spirit, and the Lord said that we would fly again and give birth as we fly… that this Breath would cause broken wings to be healed suddenly. The Lord brought to mind a song He'd given me fourteen years ago as a promise, called Wings, by Kimberly and Alberto Rivera. I downloaded it and listened, "You took from the Lord your NEW wings, and you had this look on your face that said, 'Yeah, these are new, but I still have the memory of how it felt when I flapped my broken wings.' And I saw this fear in your eyes. What will it feel like to flap my new wings? Will I have the pain? Will I still remember? And then I saw the Lord, look into your eyes, and they penetrated, and then He said, 'THE PAIN SHALL CEASE. Even the memory shall be released. Even the memory of the pain shall I take upon Myself. For I will NOT give you a NEW THING that will cause pain. So don't be afraid to fly. For everything I give is good. You'll fly in my goodness, fly in My love, safely under My wings. You will fly in My faithfulness, fly in My comfort, fly in My mercy. So, stay close to Me and fly with Me." More healing was released as He fulfilled His promises to me.

I had such great anticipation of receiving the mantles the Lord had for me because of Robert's testimony that two specific mantles would be imparted that night. The " Happy Hunters " mantle fulfilled years of prophecy about walking in abounding JOY. For the last year, a friend has mentioned that the Lord's been impressing upon her that I need to read a book she has. I knew that once I had worked through enough with my trauma therapist, I'd have the mental space to be able to read again. When I called her Sunday, after the final session, she told me that the book is by Joan Hunter, the daughter of Francis and Charles Hunter. Just WOW, LORD!

The night the mantles were released, God intimately ministered to me as Robert prayed over us. My mom died almost ten years ago, when I was 42, and she always referred to me as "sweetie." Robert did the same as he imparted mantles to me that night, and it was almost as if she was present. The Lord healed me of the loss of my mom and the loss of my brother four months earlier. He's healed me of the loss of eleven children through 1st and 2nd-trimester miscarriages. He's healed me of so much trauma, and now, my tears are tears of indescribable joy instead of sorrow.

After the impartation of mantles, when I got into my rental car and plugged in my phone, another song the Lord gave me years ago as a prophetic promise called, New Day, by Kimberly and Albert Rivera began playing. I had not heard the song in at least ten years, and I believe it is a prophecy of what we all are stepping into due to what God did that night. "I saw the Lord open the Heavens and pass out all of these staffs. He placed the staffs in the hands of the people that were running for they were coming to the wells. And even as in the days of Moses, I heard the Father say, 'Let My people Go.' And each of you held out the staff, and the waters began to part. The waters began to rise, and you began to walk through, run through, run through to the other side. And all those things that have pursued you that have not been of Me, I am wiping them clean, I am washing them away, and you shall not be plagued by them anymore. You are going on. The way has been made. You shall walk through on dry ground. You are going on. You are pressing on. You shall see the promise, the Promise Land. You shall see the promise, every promise I have made to you, you shall see the fruit. It's a new day; it's a new land, it's a new day, it's a new stand. It's a new day; you can stand. It's a new day; those things can't be washed away; the NEW has come."

When I got back to the hotel, I looked at my phone, and the Lord had prompted a friend to send me the song I'd never heard called, I Am Your Beloved, delivering another healing touch from my Father regarding a devastating event that happened a year ago. He was righting all the wrongs. "I've heard the accusation, and I've heard the propaganda. I've heard the lied; they whisper to my soul that I have been forsaken and I'll always be forgotten. No matter what I do, it's not enough. Then I heard a voice as it opened up the Heavens, reminding me of whom I've always been. I am Your Beloved. You have bought me with Your blood, and on Your Hand, You've written out my name… The One who knows me best is the One who loves me most."

That evening, Robert's testimony about daily asking the cloud of witnesses to speak on his behalf so that he might be remembered before Him and his dream about the local court of Waco was another specific answer to my prayers. Before bed, He led me to pray the same way over four areas: an issue that has been tied up for almost two years, with one delay after another in my local court system, the cases preventing my complete healing, cases preventing me from experiencing the tangible love of God, and cases of false testimonies against me that caused great pain for both me and my daughter, who walked away from the Lord and began living a lifestyle contrary to the encounters she's had and the call on her life. Within 24 hours, three of the four requests were answered.

I was in awe on the final morning of the conference to experience the tangible love of God. During worship, when we were singing Holy, Holy, Holy (the song playing when I had my first encounter with the Lord), I felt the atmosphere shift and was undone again just like I had been 22 years ago, and knelt. The Lord so graciously confirmed what had happened when Ray testified that a portal had opened and the cloud of witnesses had joined us. As the service continued, the power of God remained on me in a significant way. Robert called for those experiencing healing in their body to come forward. I didn't feel heat or tingling but could not stop shaking and then noticed that the pain in my hands was gone, so I went forward. A man prayed for me, and couldn't stand under the weight of him commanding the tormenting spirit of infirmity to depart. Then Lynn prayed for me and said that she saw the frequencies in my body coming into divine order, not knowing that the device I use for pain management tells my body the correct frequency, and I have not needed to use it since. In the past, the idea of falling on the floor would have been terrifying because hitting the ground would have been excruciating, and the pain of getting back up would have been immense. Still, I was utterly okay every time it happened throughout the conference.

Twenty-two years ago, I was bit by a brown recluse spider, and a surgeon removed the dying tissue. Eight years later, my health had deteriorated to the point where I was almost bedridden. They discovered that the venom from the bite had gone systemic, affected most of my organs and my body, and presented as an autoimmune disease. I've dealt with malabsorption syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity disorder. There were stretch marks on my heart from the swelling of the left chamber of my heart. The myelin sheath, coatings that protect and insulate my nerve cells and prevent nerve impulses from going where they aren't supposed to, were being destroyed. Myofascial tissue pain syndrome caused tenderness in my skin, making being touched excruciating and causing muscle rigidity and joint stiffness, and I've been in physical therapy regularly for the last five years. I had systemic inflammation, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, vision problems, Lyme disease, digestive and memory issues. Sleep apnea, daytime apnea, and lung issues. My endocrine system was affected, and I dealt with thyroid, adrenal, and hormone issues. My central nervous system was affected, and my immune system was destroyed, making me susceptible to sickness with extensive recovery time. I had compound MTHFR, causing high homocysteine levels in my body. My red blood cells were compromised, hindering the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood and causing anemia. My body was intolerant to heat and retained massive amounts of water (edema) to dilute the venom in my body. I have been on 36 prescriptions and pharmaceutical-grade supplements to manage my symptoms enough to function. I'm now beginning to wean off those as He leads.

The last morning, as I was ministered to, 22 years of chronic pain in all my joints and muscles left my body, and to this day, I am 100% pain-free and can kneel, bend, squat, and jog up and down the stairs with hesitation. My muscles are at rest, and I've dropped almost 10 pounds in one week without any effort, which is unheard of for me. Usually, I've had to fight harder than most for every pound. I've completely stopped taking anything for the chronic anxiety I'd experienced and canceled my appointment with my trauma therapist. My lungs are completely clear, and my ears are open, even after the flights home. My daughter broke up with her boyfriend 6 hours after Robert prayed for every demonic assignment in my life to be canceled, and when she picked me up from the airport, she wanted to hear about everything that God had done. For the first time in a year, I could speak openly of the Lord with her as she recalled encounters with the Lord, she'd forgotten about.

Tuesday, the day after I got home, I had intense pain again in my right heel, but because I KNEW I'd been SO wholly healed, I asked the Lord what was going on, and He told me to anoint my heel with oil. I did, and the pain instantly left, and then I went to the salon to get my hair cut, and the presence of the Holy Spirit fell in that place. The next day, my heel hurt, only less this time, and the Lord had me anoint my heal with oil and the pain left. It happened again on Thursday, and I went out to share my testimony, and the weight of His presence fell in that place, and His glory was made manifest. Then again, Friday night, as I gathered with friends to watch the recording of the conference's first session, His weighty presence filled the room, and there were impartations, healings, and deliverance.

Physically, I never would have been able to keep this pace, especially after a weekend of traveling. My physical stamina has been completely restored to the point where I've been able to meet up with people daily and have been out and about more than I've been home. In contrast, before, I'd need to recover physically after spending just three hours with a friend. My complexion is no longer pale and pasty and, instead, is truly radiant. I am so grateful and thankful for you all at GPEC. To HIM be ALL the Glory and all the Honor and all the Praise.

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